Cutting Edge Sustainability

Like most businesses sustainability and environmental impact is important to us at Shepleys Butchers. Especially with the drastic climate change that the whole world is going through now.

So we though of how we could reduce our carbon footprint and decided to invest in some technology so we could come closer to achieving our goal.

Solar Panels

In April 2023 we had 18 solar panels installed on the rear roof of the premises. These electricity generated by them has had a significant effect on the amount of electricity we use from the grid. And is helping us become more sustainable.

New refrigeration unit and some of the solar panels

New Refrigeration Systems

Also in April 2023 we had a new refrigerator and freezer system installed. This was due to the old ones being unreliable and inefficient. The new ones are working well so far and are being much more efficient with the amount of energy that they are using.

New refrigeration system

Electric Van

Also in April 2023 we invested in a new Mercedes electric van which we use for deliveries to local pubs and cafes. As well as driving to and from our other shop in Madeley and to the abettor. The van does around 160 miles on a full charge which is plenty for how we use it


Employees Traveling to and from Work

The majority of our employees live in Market Drayton so we encourage them to walk or cycle to work. Which is not only good for the environment but their physical and mental health as well.

Local Produce

Produce such as the Lamb's and the Chicken's that we use come from less than 10 miles from the shop. Also pigs and cows from the Market Drayton livestock market.


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