"Outstanding" Award Winning Sausages

Great Taste Awards created by the Guild of Fine Food. Is an international event which vigorously judges tens of thousands of products, Judges  who have been discovering award winning food and drink since 1994 award a minority of the products stars. Which shows a stamp of quality that elevates the products against all others on the shelf.

In February 2023 we decided to enter our best pork sausages in to the great taste food awards. As our customers are always very complimentary of them, and we had seen a number of products that we stock in our stop had also won great taste awards.

We were asked to send our sausages to be judged in June. We then patiently waited until the 1st of August when the results were published, and we were extremely pleased to see that they had been awarded 2 stars!

The rigorous judges described them as. "These are well-presented attractive sausages with a wonderful porky aroma.  

“The casing is thin, the seasoning is well-balanced and they taste meaty and delicious. These are plump glossy sausage with good porky aroma. The texture is very well-judged with the mincing being spot on and the level of fat and meat gives a juicy mouthfeel. 

 “This sausage is all about the flavour of high quality pork with the well-judged seasoning enhancing this, This sausage shows great finesse in production along with high quality ingredients to give you a great tasting sausage for all occasions.” 

Which I am sure you can imagen that we were flabbergasted by this as many of the 400 judges are chefs, journalists, restarters and food writers that independently judge the products that are submitted. 

Shepleys Butchers best pork sausages awarded 2 stars from The Great Taste food awards

The judges also said. "the sausage speaks for itself - it has a great aroma, really inviting, good texture, and a proper porky flavour."

"It is really well-seasoned, with just the right balance of pepper. The umami taste lingers on a long finish. This is a very good pork sausage."

Scott Shepley said “I am pleased to hear that our sausages were praised highly as this is the first time we have entered one of our products in the Great Taste Awards. 

“I am thrilled that the sausages are up to a very high standard with the last competition we entered the sausages in they won Shropshire's best pork sausage” 

“Especially with them receiving 2 stars which less than 10% of the products were awarded.” 

Our "outstanding" sausages can be purchased here.

And if you would like to learn more about The Great Taste Awards by the Guild Of Fine Food click here


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